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Loveawake Social Game

by John Max

You guys read about how Zenfox/Misha build social proof at bars, and you read how I did it in college. Now it's time for you to see how I build my social proof/social circle in general, and it isn't necessarily about brides.

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I don't do a lot of talking to higher-ups directly. Instead, I surround myself with powerful people that can make things happen. These are your figures like Zenfox/Misha that already have connections with people you need to know. Here's the breakdown:

Treat everyone with respect

I make it a habit of respecting individuals no matter what handicap they may have or what they lack. Some of my more popular groups of friends always ask me why I hang around such and such "loser", "geek" or whatever. If someone is a good friend, then they are a good friend, no matter what their background may be.

You'll often come to find that the people who hate me either haven't met me, or those that have an agenda that they want to press upon me that I just won't fall for. This is why the majority of brides will tell you that I am actually a nice guy.

Be generous

I don't know about most of you, but I wasn't raised to be a tight-wad. If you have expendable cash, then there's no reason for you to horde anything. The reason I get a lot for drinks paid for me and hook-ups everywhere I go is because I spend cash on other people and I share.

Help whenever you can

If you can see that a friend needs help, then offer it. What goes around, comes around. Help out others, and they'll help you out when you need it. I know that if I need help with just about anything, there's someone who will offer their services. Why? Because I help them.

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Reach out to those "below" you

You never know if you'll be working for them one day. Although it is unlikely, that's the attitude that you need to have. I make it a priority to try to respond to every email or message that I receive. Without those below you, you're nothing. A great example of this principle in practice is with superiors at work.

If they treat you like shit, then when they ask if you can come in on Saturday at the last second, you're more than likely going to make up a bullshit story about how you can't make it. But if they're good to you, not only will you come in, but you'll work at maximum efficiency simply because your superior acknowledges your hard work.

Stay positive

People like being around positive individuals. Even when I disagree with people, I let them speak first, listen attentively, and avoid raising my voice. And when the person is proven wrong, I still try to end the conversation on a positive note. My goal isn't to humiliate anyone, but to get them to realize their faults on their own when possible.

And most importantly, learn to apologize

I know that many guys out there say be unapologetic, but I disagree to an extent. I'm not going to apologize for who I am, but I will apologize if I feel like I truly hurt someone. For instance, I was with a girl on a date a few days ago, and she said that she felt like I was talking to her like she was stupid.

I could have said 'well, take it or leave it, you need to get over yourself'. But instead, I took that moment to say 'I didn't realize you felt that way. It wasn't my intent to do so. I'm sorry and I'll try to avoid doing so, but if I do, I didn't really intend to.'. She warmed up to me and we went to her place.

Sometimes, your ego really isn't worth the damage it causes. Learn to apologize. It only works to your benefit.

This is how I do the majority of my social game and why people generally like having me around and doing things for me.