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The Best Way To Approach Mature Women

I originally put up a post about how to naturally approach mature women. I now want to be a little more specific as to what my approaches consist of. Last night, I had quite a few mature women hooked for a very long time (I had one two set for about 45 minutes just by focusing on commonalities; no routines). And these were the girls that were blowing out every other guy that approached them. I wasn't looking to get any phone numbers or take anyone home, because I already have two girls that I'm involved with right now. Anyhow, let's get started.

Can you pick up mature women if you're overweight and dressed like a bum? Absolutely. However, you don't want to give mature women a reason not to like you, so you should put the effort into looking your best; and remember, your best does not mean looking like an average guy. What I try to go for, is when mature women look at me, I want them to think "this guy is hot" and not be embarrassed to bring me around their friends. In fact, I want to be the guy that makes all of her friends jealous about their boyfriends not looking as good as I do.

Before I even approach a girl, I have to find something that I like about her, whether it's her shoes, clothes, beauty or whatever. Whatever it is, it has to be something specific. Many guys think that mature women hate compliments, but 99% of the time, a compliment is what I open up with. So what's the difference between any other guy that opens with a compliment, gets blown out, and me? I'm very specific with my compliments and it gives me something to follow up with.

For instance, if I see a girl with curly hair that I like, I'll approach with something like 'I like your hair, it's really pretty.'. OK, so she may have heard that before, but that's when I follow up with the specifics. I might follow up with "Because flat hair is kind of boring, and you just look like you're a really fun girl.". Right then and there, I'm going to have her hooked. She's going to look at me, and if she approves of my appearances, she's going to talk to me.

A good looking guy just walked up to her and delivered a genuine compliment. Not only that, but he was very specific, which shows that he isn't just using some canned line that he's said to a million other girls. Stuff like that gets a girl's attention. And this would not work had I not been genuinely interested in the girl. I'm just not the type of guy that approaches random mature women, because I don't really have any canned lines, and if I don't find something that I like about her, the conversation is going to fall flat really fast.

And what are her friends going to do? They're going to let you talk to her, as you are no threat and aren't the typical guy that comes in with that "oh baby!" attitude. This works for me every time I approach a girl. That's it. Nothing more. I can hold girls for as long as I want just by delivering a sincere compliment, being specific about it, and telling her why I like it.

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